Nine Yufit Technologies of Fat Loss

Fat loss is the real weight loss.

  • I. Detection - More Awareness of Your Personal Health Status

    ① Obesity Detection Technology
    MetaWell APP, associating with Tsinghua Tongfang body fat scale, detects and shows 21 items of your BMI, gives you a professional obesity evaluation result and offers you fat losing advices.

    ② Metabolic Assessment Technology
    Evaluate the basal metabolic rate and estimate the efficiency of fat loss with accordance to the daily habits and physical conditions.

  • II. Evaluation-Prevention of Obesity-Related Diseases

    ③ Health Analysis Technology
    Analyze the health conditions of individuals in terms of obesity.

    ④ Risk Evaluation Technology
    Estimate the potential risks to the current health conditions and provide suggestions for improvement.

  • III. Solution- Customize Fat Loss Solutions for You

    ⑤ Nutrition Intervention Technology
    Balance your diet and manage the nutrition intake with Yufit Nutritious Meals; slow down the fat synthesis rate and increase the lipolysis rate on the basis of all-round intake of nutrition.

    ⑥ Weight Management Technology
    Give different plans for weight management in different stages with accordance to the assessment of eating habits and living habits. Each individual can conduct long term management of weight in accordance with the respective physical conditions and the professional suggestions of the body fat managers.

    ⑦ Health Education Technology
    A powerful group of lecturers comprised of medical experts and authoritative scholars in respective fields are dedicating themselves to the provision of professional guidance in terms of professional knowledge, scientific fat loss and long term management of body fat, averting the false methods of fat loss from affecting the physical health and training professional body fat managers, in an effort to defend the professionalism of healthy fat loss.

  • IV. Monitoring - Keep an Eye on Your Physical Changes at Any Time

    ⑧ Dynamic Monitoring Technology
    MetaWell APP will record the measured data, provide support of dynamic data, display visually the body weight changes and give references to the normal value.

    ⑨ Biochemical Regulating Technology
    The biochemical indicators of human metabolism are used to monitor the efficiency of the fat loss. And dynamic adjustment and optimization of customized fat loss solutions will be possible with the monitoring of relevant biochemical indicators. They are objective and scientific foundation to realize the healthy, safe and quick fat loss.s


MetaWell APP   Big Data Health Service Platform

Powerful data management Real-time monitoring of clients’ body weights


Three Principles of Yufit Healthy Fat Loss

Yufit healthy fat reduction solution will guarantee the intake of rich nutrients by the users and go in line with the three principles of diets for healthy fat loss.

  • 脂老虎减脂技术、脂老虎健康减脂
    Negative Energy Balance

    When the intake of calories and the consumption of calories are in the state of negative energy balance, the fat stored in the body will be utilized as a result of physical functions to sustain the vital activities of human bodies.

  • 脂老虎怎么减脂、脂老虎减脂方法
    Low Glycemic Index

    Insulin is also known as "Fat Synthesis Hormone". It is through the secretion of the insulin that the carbohydrate converts into fat. The foods with low glycemic index, keeps the blood sugar stably at the lower limit of the normal value, which is an important approach to reduce fat synthesis.

  • 脂老虎减脂效果、减脂、脂老虎吃法
    Rich Nutrition

    The unbalanced nutrition contributes to most cases of obesity. Since there is a lack of the nutrients necessary for the lipid metabolism in the course of daily diets, the chances are greater for the occurrence of malnutrition-related obesity. The intake of all the nutrients needed in the the lipid metabolism will be conducive to the acceleration of lipolysis.