Yufit Profile

Since the fifties of twentieth century, the world economy has been thriving at high speed. People are having greater awareness of their own health with the improvement of living standards. Yufit was established officially in 2015. And since its establishment, we have been exploring the connections between health and human society and we have been fully conscious of the significance of a healthy, safe and helpful technology to the modern life of human beings.
We have brought the technical achievement of modern nutrition projects of America out of laboratory into real life and dedicated ourselves to developing the healthy technologies and health management platform intended for Chinese, with a view to help more people obtain health and beauty in correct methods.


Our mission

Make humankind healthier

Our vision

Helps 100 million obese people get healthy

Helps reduce the burden on social medical security system
and builds a system to effectively prevent chronic diseases.Helps
over 200000 families get healthy in advance and get rid of chronic diseases

Yufit Milestones


Yufit project was officially launched and
achieved the milestone development of the enterprise.


DU Haitao personally benefited from using
it and lost 30 pounds in 100 days.


Won the Best Brand Award in China
Guangzhou International Model Contest.


Received Most Favored Brand Award in the national
TOP100 investors experience activity.


Olympic Ping pong champion Ma Lin and Springboard diving
champion Wang Hao attended the 2017“Build Our Baie Dream Together” activity.


Zhejiang Provincial Fat and Metabolic
Center was officially established.


Successfully broke the Guinness Book of World Records,
gaining the title of the world's largest body fat management course.


Yufit showed up in Expo Astana, and was certified as the “Designated
Health Product of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Pavilion, Expo 2017 Astana”.

We keep
moving forward...

Professional Teams of YUFIT

Behind Yufit are those experts who guard the health of billions of people with science and technologies.
Dedication makes professionalism, and professionalism brings scientificity.

Renowned Expert for Asian Obesity Research
Authoritative Scholar on Obesity and Weight Management in China
Participated in the "Obese Gene Mapping" research
Renowned Expert on the Education of Obesity and Health in China

CHEN Bing Chief Scientist of YUFIT Healthy Fat Loss Technology


Renowned Expert of Business Model Design in China
Distinguished Business Model Consultant of SASAC Training Center
Chief Designer of Yufit
Renowned Expert on the Education of Obesity and Health in China

LIU Jie Co-Founder of YUFIT Biotechnology Co., Ltd


The Interdisciplinary Doctor of Three Fields -Mathematics, Computer and Finance, in University of Oklahoma.
Former Senior Risk Analyst and Quantitative Data Analyst of the world's top hedge fund.
Supervises the Investment Risk of Stock of over 20 Billion Dollars Each Day.



Senior Expert in E-Commerce
The First Beneficiary of Yufit Project

YAN Hairong COO of YUFIT


Descendant of Medicine Practitioner of Generations A former Chief Health-Care Experts of Several International Health Institutions in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

LIU Qingping(Brother Oho) Professional Lecturer of YUFIT


Expert in the Field of Medical Nutriology.

SHENG Aiping Professor of Nutriology of Fudan University